Looking to Invest in or Sell a Business?

Selling a Business in the Home Healthcare Industry?

Our Home Healthcare Advisory Board, with decades of experience in eldercare, medical and regulatory standards, and overall industry insight, will assist us in getting the most value for sellers of home healthcare companies.

Selling or buying, Saedlo & Curry Group can ensure you take the right steps in your business strategies!

Seller Info

Saedlo and Curry Group prepares their client's businesses to go to market by applying to the seller's listing package a "93" point analysis of their business. This detailed analysis is key to determining a fair asking price and will assist buyers in effectively answering questions in a timely manner.

After preparing the seller to go to market, Saedlo and Curry Group ensures that the business is positioned appropriately in the market.

Businesses Sell When These Three Requirements Are Met:

1. Verifiable Description of What is for Sale

2. Strategically Priced

3. Properly Marketed

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